Work with Zinc

Zinc Roofing is an premium investment, as it is able to resist corrosion by naturally developing its own protective patina. This distinctive patina also provides durability, and together these features allow a zinc roof to live for approx. 100 years in a rural Area. What’s more, this patina will also allow zinc roofing to self-repair imperfections and scratches making it very low maintenance. Zinc is becoming more and more popular with domestic, commercial and new builds. Zinc roofing is also a natural material and can be recycled indefinitely, making your building environmentally friendly.


Zinc Rainwater System

A Zinc Rainwater System is far lighter than cast iron, invariably cheaper than aluminium and distinctive by virtue of the use of concealed brackets in the gutter line. All traditional components such as gutters, downpipes, rainwater outlets, stop ends and bends are available in box, OG and half-round profiles.